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Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection South Brisbane

Rivercity Car Care provides expert mobile pre purchase vehicle inspections in South Brisbane. Our qualified technicians will travel to your location to conduct the inspection, while you wait.

Our mobile technicians specialise in:


Call us directly on 07 3892 6972 and get a free no obligation quote

Are you buying a new car? You can trust our qualified and efficient inspectors to conduct comprehensive pre purchase inspections in South Brisbane, for all vehicle types and models including cars, utes and heavy or small trucks.

Our technicians will conduct a pre purchase car inspection to ensure your new vehicle is mechanically sound and roadworthy.

Pre purchase inspections in South Brisbane involve under the bonnet, interior and exterior vehicle checks.

The under the bonnet inspection includes an assessment of the engine, radiator, oil leaks, clutch and transmission, suspension and shock absorbers, brakes and steering. A test drive is also conducted to check for any noises or handling problems.

Our technicians also inspect the interior of each vehicle to ensure all components (including electronics) are operating safely and correctly. This includes an assessment of the seats and seatbelts, air conditioning, window and door mechanisms (including locks), interior lighting, and electrical systems.

Finally, the exterior of the vehicle is checked for rust, paint problems and any hidden panel damage. The wheel mechanisms and tyres (including tread depth and overall condition) are also evaluated.

Our technicians will provide you with an easy-to-understand written report that identifies any vehicle faults or areas needing attention in the future. Approximate costs will also be provided for any necessary or recommended repairs.

Rivercity Car Care offers competitively priced pre purchase vehicles inspections in South Brisbane, whether it be for car or light truck


Call us directly on 07 3892 6972 and get a free no obligation quote


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