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Car Battery Replacement South Brisbane

Rivercity Car Care provides expert car battery replacement services in South Brisbane. Our qualified mechanics will come to your home or workplace to test, charge or replace your car battery on-location, while you wait.

A strong battery ensures your vehicle operates at an optimum level. The following signs may indicate your battery is weak and needs charging or replacing:

  • car engine turns over slowly or is frequently difficult to start (as if the car coughs before it starts)
  • consistently dim headlights
  • headlights that dim or brighten when you accelerate or use electronic accessories
  • the battery light indicator turns on
  • car windows go up and down more slowly than usual

If you need a car battery replacement in South Brisbane , our mechanics will be able to service this on location while you wait.


Call us directly on 07 3892 6972 and get a free no obligation quote

Your car battery supplies power to the starter and other electrical components required to start your engine. Once the engine is running, a charging system provides electricity to other electrical systems while the battery stores energy for the vehicle. This energy is used to power the headlights, music systems, digital clocks, door alarms, onboard computers and other electrical components when the vehicle is switched off.

Our mechanics provide high quality car battery replacement services in South Brisbane. They will visually inspect your current car battery and use equipment to test its cranking amp capacity. During car battery replacement, we will connect an external power source to the electrical system (if required) to protect the memory of your vehicle’s electrically powered accessories.

Contact Rivercity Car Care if you experience any of these difficulties with your vehicle and require a car battery replacement in South Brisbane. The replacement of your battery now may prevent inconvenience in the future.


Call us directly on 07 3892 6972 and get a free no obligation quote

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